SW Panthers Inc. was established in 2001 to help provide the youth of South Windsor with the principles of good citizenship, sportsmanship, and knowledge in the competitive fundamentals of football and cheerleading. It is the purpose of the South Windsor

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No athlete will be allowed to practice without ALL required paperwork completed and returned in accordance with the scheduled paperwork turn in date/times with their respective season. 
Any unique situation should addressed directly with your team parent who will be collecting and organizing all paperwork.
    1. Child cannot participate with out this completed form.
    2. Form must be completed by both child's Physician and Parent.
    3. Tip: Booking these appointments with a physician's office in advance is recommended. Many offices book their physicals 3-6 months ahead of time.
    1. Comprehensive checklist to help compile all necessary documents for the season. 
    2. Hyperlinks within PDF to make for a quicker navigation to needed items.
    3. Take additional notes for use throughout your child(ren)'s season. 
  1. Proof of Student Residency 
    CTYFL requires the verfication during book signing of the childrens name aligned with their grade within their school district. In the event you do not have their 4th quarter report card, you can use this form as a substitute. These will be the only two accepted forms for this specific verification. 
    1. What needs to be verified? (Legal Name and Grade by verfied by school district via report card)
    2. Any 2023 Kindergardener or any child who cannot obtain their 4th quarter report card.
    3. This letter must be completed by the school in which your child will be attending. The school administrator can sign off and confirm the Name, Address, and grade entering for the current school year.