SW Panthers Inc. was established in 2001 to help provide the youth of South Windsor with the principles of good citizenship, sportsmanship, and knowledge in the competitive fundamentals of football and cheerleading. It is the purpose of the South Windsor



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Fundraising Page

Fundraising is an essential part of ensuring that SWP Inc. may continue each and every year.
It allows the program to output as many resources as possible to South Windsor's  youth. Ultimately, your child(ren) will be given the opportunity to have the most rewarding experience during their season with the SW Panthers in large parts due to the fundraising.
While our Board and Volunteers do our best to have top fundraising activities, we can always use an extra person to help. Whether this help comes in the form of selling tickets, mums, reeths, our sponsors hosting dine-in nights and giving proceeds to the SWP. We even have parents/volunteers who will help during a local pale shake, grabing a pale with your child(ren) to promote awareness to the program and a need for donations. 
Fundraising is truly a community effort and we welcome anyone who wishes to assist with fundraising. 
Please see a list of active fundraising events below. 
There are no active fundraising events at this time.
Last Updated: 1/01/2021