SW Panthers Inc. was established in 2001 to help provide the youth of South Windsor with the principles of good citizenship, sportsmanship, and knowledge in the competitive fundamentals of football and cheerleading. It is the purpose of the South Windsor

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The South Windsor Panthers Cheerleading program holds the highest of standards with our athletes. While making safety a top priority, your athletes will learn from the basics all the way to many high level techniques, proper form, and the discipline to execute them during competition.

Let our record speak for itsself as we have worked very hard the past couple of years to create a comprehensive training schedule that has allowed your athletes to thrive. We swept the floor at our recent competitions and brought home back to back championships during competition as well as many other top 3 placements. 

Joining the South Windsor Panthers Cheerleading Team(s) is but a click away, and we can promise that with you and your childs participation, we are sure to continue our winning streak. 


2021 Competition

Combined A/B Team: 1st Place

C Team: 1st Place 


2019 Competition                                 2018 Competition

Combined A/B Team: 1st Place                               Combined A/B Team: 1st Place

C Team: 1st Place                                                        C Team: 2nd Place 



Registration Requirements

  A Team B Team C Team MM TEam



7 & 8 5 & 6 3 & 4 1 & 2

Older & Lighter

Rule Exception


7th &

Under 105 lbs

5th &

Under 85 lbs

3rd &

Under 65 lbs

Changes for 2021: Football is now GRADE BASED

(See rule exception(s))


Questions/concerns can be directed to the Cheer Coordinator

Refund Policy


Frequently Asked 
Cheerleading Questions

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1. Is there a cheer competition, and is my child(ren) required to participate? 
2. Are there additional practices?
3. Do parents have to work the event? 


1. Are volunteers needed?
2. My daughter is a high school/All star cheerleader.  Can she help out?




1. Is there a cheer competition and is my child(ren required to participate? 

  • It is usually held the third or fourth week of October.  They may also participate  in another competition (i.e. state) which is decided by the coaches.  They do not have to participate but you must notify your coach immediately at the beginning of the season, since they prepare for it all season. 
  • Note: The competition(s) for the girls is similar to what the play-off  game(s) is for the boys!  

2. Are there additional Practices?

  • Yes, Competition Routine Practices are generally held on the weekend or Holiday when there is no school in session. They last approximately 3-4 hours per session, so water and snack will be required. There can be 2-4 of these Competition practices in a season depending on the progress made by each team. 

3. Do parents have to work the event?

On average, each participating town requires a total of 4 Parent volunteers. That is 2 volunteers during the morning competition and 2 volunteers during the afternoon competition.




1. What is included in my daughter's registration cost?

  • We include the uniform shell, skirt, briefs, bow, mock turtleneck (for younger  girls uniforms), pom poms, jacket and pants.  We ask that the parents purchase  cheer sneakers.

2. What equipment do I have to provide? 

  • White Ankle socks
  • All Black Spandex Shorts
  • All White Cheer Sneakers
  • Appropriate practice shorts and shirt attire
  • Bug spray and Sun screen during outdoor practice and games
  • Necessary hair equiptmnt for matching and maintaining appropriate styles

3. When do we get equipment?

  • This is usually issued on the first offical night of practice in August (pre-season), though some size may need to be ordered and may take an addition month to recieve. 

4. What kind of shoes do I need?

  • With safety in mind, all children should wear a pair of ALL WHITE cheer sneakers. These can be purchased during a mass group purchase during the first night of practice and/or they may be purchased on your own. So long as the shoes do not have any other represented colors present on them.

5. How do I take care of my shoes? 

  • Because we will wear these for our competition toward the end of October, it is reccamended that they are wiped down each week to avoid grass and dirt stains. However, some parents choose to purchase a new pair of shoes prior to competition. 




1. What is the schedule?

  • Generally made available within the first month, it will consist of weekly Sunday Football Games. Times minimally change from week to week.

2. What time are the games? 

  • Games generally start between the hours of 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

3. How many games are there?

  • Determined at the beginning of each season (approximately 8 games and potential play-offs)

4. How long are the games?

  • Games last about 1.5 hours but you will be onsite or about 2 hours

5. What are the rules? 

  • Rules of the game(s) are governed by said bylaws
    • SW Bylaws
    • CTYFL Bylaws

6. When are the football games? 

  • Football games generally begin the first week of September and end in November via their playoffs
  • Sunday anytime between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m EST.




1. How long are the practices? 

  • Cheer practice is anywhere from 1-2 hours depending on the availability of both the team and coaches. 
  • Note: Safety is a high priority with the South Windsor Panthers. Our Cheer team works hard to provide the cheerleards the needed practice to perform in a safe and competitive manner. Our record speaks to this , safely performing high quality stunting and winning back to back first place during our cheer competitions. 

2. Do I have to stay for practice(s)? 

  • No, however parents must be punctual in both drop off and pick up.
  • Leaving young siblings (not part of cheer team) at practice(s) is not allowed in any circumstances. 

3. When do practices start for the season, and how many times per week?

  • Cheer generally will unnoffically begin practices the month of August (Not mandatory to participate, however this is free and additional practice for cheerleaders to work on their skill and commense in conditioning.)
  • Offical pratice starts in September in tandom with the beginning of the youth football season. 
  • Seasonal practices are generally anywhere from 1-3 practices during the week, depending on the team.
  • Competition practices can be anywhere from 2-4 Sat/Sun practices, each held for about 1.5-3 hours each. 

4. Where are practices held?

  • Depending on the circumstances or weather for that season can change locations. 
  • Practices have commonly been known to be held at:
    • Outdoors: Rye Street Park
    • Indoors: ECE competitive cheerleading facility

5. Is practice held the night before school?

  • No we do not require our athletes to practice the night before the firt day of school.

6. How many practices are held per week once the teams move to "Indoor" training?

  • This will depend on each team level (A, B, C, Mighty Mites)
  • Approximately 1-3 practices a week will be held

7. My family goes on vacation in August, is this okay?

  • Yes, the offical season begins around the same time school begins. Parents and/or athletes are not required to attend early practices, but will miss out on valued athletic conditioning and preliminary SW Panther Cheer practices. 

8. Do you have an absence policy?

  • Yes, there is an absence policy explained in reigrations forms and SW Panther Bylaws.




1. Do I have to try out?

  • There is not an "offical" tryout. However, ALL athletes will be assessed to ensure they are placed in positions that will help them and their fellow athlese thrive as a team. 

2. How are the teams divided?

  • Teams are divided per the specifications of age as explained in both the SW Panther and CTYFL Bylaws.
  • There is potential opportunity for yoru child to be a "mascot" for the mighty mites team if they are not yet of offical age to join cheerleading. Interested parents should reach out and inquire with the SWP Cheer Coordinator for more details.

3. Can I request a team?

  • Yes, parents can inquire about a specific team for serious consideration provided that athlete's age falls within the requirements per the Bylaws.

4. Can I request a specific coach?

  • While we must have at least one coach specifically assigned to each team, the coaches often times work together to build the athletes discipline and skill set. 

5. What is the Maximum number of athletes on a team?

  • This information can be found within the ByLaws. 




1. Are volunteers needed?

  • SWP always welcomes volunteers. Interested persons can inquire by either
    • ​Reaching out to cheer or football League Rep to express interest
    • Fill out the feedback form to inquire on more information pertaining to a specific area you are looking into volunteering for
    • The Panther's Board memebers are on a volunteer basis and open postions are posted as "open" on the board members page

2. My daughter is a high school/All star cheerleader.  Can she help out?

  • Yes, we welcome any senior cheer athletes to assist in training our South Windsor Panthers. Interested persons should reach out to the Cheerleading Coordinator or fill out an inquiry.



Still have more questions? 

Inquire with the Cheer Coordinator found on the board memebers page


We look forward to seeing you and your child(ren) this year!