SW Panthers Inc. was established in 2001 to help provide the youth of South Windsor with the principles of good citizenship, sportsmanship, and knowledge in the competitive fundamentals of football and cheerleading. It is the purpose of the South Windsor

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The South Windsor Panthers Cheerleading program holds the highest of standards with our athletes. While making safety a top priority, your athletes will learn from the basics all the way to many high level techniques, proper form, and the discipline to execute them during competition.

Let our record speak for itsself as we have worked very hard the past couple of years to create a comprehensive training schedule that has allowed your athletes to thrive. We swept the floor at our recent competitions and brought home back to back championships during competition as well as many other top 3 placements. 

Joining the South Windsor Panthers Cheerleading Team(s) is but a click away, and we can promise that with you and your childs participation, we are sure to continue our winning streak.