SW Panthers Inc. was established in 2001 to help provide the youth of South Windsor with the principles of good citizenship, sportsmanship, and knowledge in the competitive fundamentals of football and cheerleading. It is the purpose of the South Windsor

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A Team B Team C TEam MM TEam

Grade Based

7 & 8 5 & 6 3 & 4 1 & 2

Older & Lighter

Rule Exception


7th &

Under 105 lbs

5th &

Under 85 lbs

3rd &

Under 65 lbs

Changes for 2021: Football is now GRADE BASED

(See rule expection(s))


Questions/concerns can be directed to: swpanthers22@gmail.com

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*Frequently Asked 
Football Questions

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1. What equipment is provided?

2. What equipment do I have to provide?

3. When will we get equipment?

4. My helment hurts - can I get a different one?

5. What kind of cleats do I need?

6. How do I take care of my equipment?


1. Do I have to try out? 

2. How are the teams devided?

3. Can I request a team?

4. Can I request a specific coach?

5. How are the coaches picked?

6. What is the maximum number of players on a team? 







1. What equipment is provided? (FAQ)
SWP provides almost everything you need to play. Your helmet, needed pads, practice pants/jersey, game pants/jersey. All provided pads MUST be worn on game day. Coaches will provide instruction how to properly outfit gamday uniforms. 
2. What equipment do I have to provide? (FAQ)
  • Football cleats they must be molded.
  • Athletic cups and supporters are required.
  • Mouth guard - have an extra handy at all times.
  • Practice pants with built in pads are strongly recommended by not required.
3. When will we get equipment? (FAQ)
 An email will go out in regards to equipment pick up.
4.  My helmet hurts - can I get a different one? (FAQ)
It is very common for your helmet to feel uncomfortable and even hurt your head for the first week. Helmets must fit tightly to ensure a correct fit. We recommend that once you get your equipment, that you wear your helmet at home before practice in order to break it in and get used to how it feels. When you put it on, remember to pull it all the way down, hard. If you continue to have discomfort, please let your coach know.
5. What kind of cleat do I need? (FAQ)
CTYFL rules require that our players wear football molded cleats that are designed for youth football.

6. How do I take care of my equipment? (FAQ)

  • Practice jersey and pants - remove pads (if applicable) and belt (if any) and wash in warm water. These can be washed in hot water if particularly dirty. Do not bleach. Air dry or use low heat in dryer.

  • Game jersey and pants - Remove pads and belt (if any) and wash in cool water with like colors. Pre-treat stains if necessary. Do not bleach. Air Dry. You may even wash jersey inside out. Do not wear game jerseys or pants to practices and do not wear to play in. Game jerseys may be worn to school on Fridays to promote games.

  • Shoulder and other pads - wipe off with clean, damp cloth. Allow to air dry.

  • Helmet - Hand wash off dirt and clean interior pads with clean, damp cloth. Allow to air dry.

1.  Do I have to try out?  (FAQ)
No, there are no try outs. 
2.  How are the teams devided?  (FAQ)
A Team is composed of 7th and 8th grade players. A 7th grader weighing less than 105 pounds can play down on B Team.  B Team is composed of 5th and 6th grade players. A 5th grader weighing less than 85 pounds can play down on C Team.  C Team is composed of 3rd and 4th grader players.  A 3rd grader weighing less than 65 pounds can play down on Mighty Mites. Mighty Mites is composed of 1st and 2nd grade players. 
3.  Can I request a team?  (FAQ)
No.  Parents may request that a player play down a level, if the fall within the weight requirements but the final decision is made by the coaches. 
4.  Can I request a specific coach?  (FAQ)
No. Players are assigned to specific teams/coaches based on grade. 
5.  How are the coaches picked? (FAQ)
Head coaches are chosen and assigned by the SWP Board, as well as assistant coaches.  Coaching volunteers are encouraged. 
6.  What is the maximum number of players on a team? (FAQ)
Each team has a maximum roster size of 25 players. 
1 When is the first day of pratice? (FAQ)


The first practice is typically during the first week of August. 

2.How many practices per week? (FAQ)
In August practice will be held 4 or 5 times per week -  Once school starts practice is 3 days a week for all teams.
3.How long are the practices? (FAQ)
Practices are 2 hrs. long and are usually held from 6:00 pm until 8:00 pm.

4. Where are the practices held? (FAQ)  
All practices will be held at Rye St. Park.
5.Do I have to stay for practice? (FAQ)
You must have your child at practice 5 minutes before your scheduled practice time and you MUST arrive 10 minutes before the end of practice. By arriving 10 minutes before the end of practice, coaches will have ample time to discuss with you any concerns regarding your child. Think Safety!  - Be there on-time or contact your coach when needed to advise them of a delay. Especially the younger children in our program. We're sure any coach would take a few extra minutes to stay with your child in the event of a delay in arrival.Do not leave siblings at the field unattended. Coaches are responsible for the supervision of players only. You are welcome to stay at practice if you would like to.
1. What is the schedule? (FAQ)
Game schedules are determined by the CTYFL. Players are required to arrive at the game site one hour before the game time to warm up and weigh in. The schedule should be availible the middle of July. The first game will be the weekend after Labor Day.

Regular season game times are as follows, or as schedule dictates:

B Team                  9:00 AM

A Team                11:00 AM

C Team                  1:00 PM

Mighty Mites           3:00 PM


2. How long are the games? (FAQ)
Games are made up of four 16 minute quarters at the C and MM level and four 18 minute quarters at the A and B level. With a running clock, except for the last 2 minutes of the half and game. Most games last nearly 2 hours. In addition, players are expected to be at the field at least 1 hour before the game to warm up and weigh in. So plan on spending a minimum of 3 hours at a game. If the game ends in a tie,  there may be a "Kansas Plan" tie breaker to determine the winner. You will also have to calculate travel time to and from the game.
3. How many games are there? (FAQ)
All teams will be scheduled for 8 regular season games. 8 Teams will make the playoffs at the A, B and C levels. Mighty mites do not participate in the playoffs. The playoffs is a single elimation tournament. If a team makes it to the championship game the season will last 11 weeks.
4. Is there Equal Playing time? (FAQ)
The CTYFL is a very physical and competitive league. CTYFL has a minimum 6 play rule. This means the each player must play at least 6 plays each game. Additional playing time can be earned in practice. Depending on the position, skill - and the especially the willingness to work hard, may earn a player more playing time. But, ultimately playing time is at the head coaches discretion.
5. What are the rules? (FAQ)
A. All games shall be played in accordance with the National Federation rules as they pertain to highschool football. Each        team must have a minimum of 14 eligible players at the start of the game. Any team not able to field the 14 eligible          players automatically forfeits the game.
B. Each team has three timeouts per half with no carry-overs. At MM leve there will be a maximum of one (1) minute in-      between plays to call in the offensive huddle. This rule must be enforced. 
C. Game Clock:
1. For all games, halftime shall be 10 minutes, maximum
2. For all games, the only clock stoppage shall be time-outs, injury time-outs and the last two minutes for each half      shall be standard "stop clock".
3. A&B teamsshall have 18 minute running quarters
4. C & MM teams shall have 16 minute running quarters
5. After halftime of C and MM games, there shall be no "meeting of the captains" at mid-field. Teams shall simply          line up for the kick-off. 
D. Scoring will be as follows:
   Touchdown_________________6 Points
   Conversion - Run or pass______1 Point
   Conversion - Kick____________2 Points
   Field Goal__________________3 Points
   Safety_____________________2 Points
E. Mighty Mite game procedure:
1. Two (2) coaches from each team will be allowed on the field at any given time, and one defense, must be behind      the safety at the beginning of the play. 
2. Kickoffs are from the fifty (50) yard line.
3. A team must declare when it will punt. This will be a free kick with no rush or return allowed. No player will be          allowed down field. Once punted, the bll is considered dead and the ball will be placed at the spot the ball comes      to a rest or at a minimum of 10 yeards from the line of the scrimmage, which ever is further from the original          line of scrimmage. A coach may also just request the 25 yard mark off without punting, but the spot cannot be        placed within the opponent's 20 yard line.
4. There will be four (2) warnings per half for minor violations and the referees will explain all violations to the              players. 
5. All major violations will be enforced during the entire game. Major violations are as follows: 
  • Face masking
  • Clipping
  • Blocks to the back
  • Pass interference
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct
  • Holding

‚Äč6. All other violations will be considered minor violations and the down will be replayed.

7. All other game and CTYFL procedures will apply.

8. A no huddle or hurry up offense willonly be allowed in the last four (4) minutes of each half. 

9. PAT kicks will be a free kick from the seven (7) yard line.

10. Offensive plays must be run in sixty (60) seconds or "delay of game" will be called. 

11. Teams will switch end zones at halftime only.


F. C Squad Game Procedures:


1. No coach will be allowed on the field.

2. Kickoffs will be from the fourty (40) yard line.

3. All violations will be enforced during the entire game as per NFHS rules. 

4. A team must declare when it will punt. This will be a free kick with no rush allowed. No player will be allowed            down field until the ball is kicked. A coach may also just request the twenty-five (25) yard mark off without              punting, but the spot cannot be placed within the opponent's twenty (20) yard line. 

5. All other games and CTYFL procedures will apply.

6. Teams will switch end zones at halftime only. 



6. Who will we be playing against?(FAQ)
CTYFL determines the schedules. These are active youth football programs that we may be playing:

Berlin Bears

Bloomfield Raiders

Cromwell Lions

Durham/Middlefield Falcons

East Hartford Hornets

Haddam/Killingworth Cougars

New Hartford Wolvervines

North Branford Thunderbirds

Rokcy Hill Terriers

South Windsor Panthers

Vernon Vipers

Windsor Giants