SW Panthers Inc. was established in 2001 to help provide the youth of South Windsor with the principles of good citizenship, sportsmanship, and knowledge in the competitive fundamentals of football and cheerleading. It is the purpose of the South Windsor


Welcome to South Windsor Panthers Cheerleading FAQ!

 Q. What is included in my daughter's registration cost?

 A. We include the uniform shell, skirt, briefs, bow, mock turtleneck (for younger  girls uniforms), pom poms, jacket and pants.  We ask that the parents purchase  cheer sneakers.

 Q. When does practice start and how many times a week?
 A. Practice starts on Monday, August 6 from 6-8 pm.  The girls practice Monday  through Thursdays for the month of August from 6-8 pm with the exception of the  Mites.  The Mites practice from 6-7:30 pm on the same days.

Q. Where are practices held?
 A. The August practices are held at Rye Street.  The girls move indoors to one of  our town's elementary schools or an alternative indoor space in September.

Q. Do the girls practice the night before the first day of school?
 A. No, we believe the girls should get a good night's rest.  
Q. How many times a week do the girls practice once they move indoors?
 A. It is at the discretion of the head coach of your team.  Typically, the younger  girls practice twice a week and the older may practice three times a week.

Q. My family goes on vacation in August, is that going to be okay with the coaches?
 A. Yes! We know that families plan on vacations.  Please email your coach with  your vacation plans.

Q. Do you have an absence policy?
 A. Yes, we do.  We have a "contract" that we ask parents to sign regarding  unexcused absences.  We allow (3) unexcused once the month of September starts.  Excused absences include school or religious functions or illness.  We do ask for a  doctor's note if the girl misses multiple practices.

Q.  When are the football games?
 A. Games are typically held on Sundays.  The girls may have one or two Saturday  night games instead.   This depends on scheduling.

Q.  When will we know the schedule?
 A. You will be provided with your schedule by the end of August by your head  coach.

Q.  What times are the games?
 A. Typically the games start at 9 am and are scheduled for 2 hours.  The order of  the games is B team, A team, C team and Mites when playing on the same field.  The time may be different if not all the teams are playing in the same location.
Q.   Do the girls have a cheer competition and are they required to participate?
 A. It is usually held the third or fourth week of October.  They may also participate  in another competition (i.e. state) which is decided by the coaches.  They do not  have to participate but you must tell your coach immediately since they prepare for  it all season.  The competition(s) for the girls is similar to what the play-off  game(s) is for the boys!  
Q.    Do you need volunteers?
 A. Yes!  We ask that everyone volunteer is some capacity.  We need parents to  help at the concession stand at games.  We also need a team parent for each  team and we are always looking for assistant coaches.  It is parents like you who  help make our organization successful!
Q.    My daughter is a high school/All star cheerleader.  Can she help out?
 A. Yes!  We love high school volunteers!  We love tohave high school, All-star,  and/or former Panther girls come and help us out in August!  Please contact Ursula for more details! 
Q.    I have more questions!  Who do I contact? 
 A. You can contact Ursula Giroux by email at southwindsorcheerleading@yahoo.com



Come join us and cheer with Panther pride!